Die of the Dead Expansion- The Ofrenda Variant

Please find the files for the Ofrenda Variant for Die of the Dead below. Whilst this requires the base game of Die of the Dead to play, it must be noted that this is much more a variant than expansion. It began life as way to play solo, and developed into a multiplayer puzzle dice-drafting game.

The files are all free for people to print and play. We will be looking at the possibility of running a small scale print run in the UK, for international distribution. If you are interested please complete the form here: https://forms.gle/Gqo7UhWTMUDJhgQb8

IF you wish to play this you only need to print off the new token boards and the ofrenda boards (there are 5 in case you want to play with up to 5 players). The rules can be printed off or just read as a pdf.

This is an early version, so if you have any questions/ comments please let me know.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy it.