Forks is a quick card game for 2-4 players, where your goal is to embezzle funds from profitable companies, and subtly coerce your neighbours into investing money into companies you’ve embezzled from.

  •  Unique ‘choice giving’ mechanic, where players have to influence the invested card by thinking carefully about the choices they are giving.
  •  Push-pull scoring. Players need to invest in destinations, but the more money invested into a destination, the less likely it is to get enough advertising resulting in players losing money.
  • A core variant in the box. Players can choose between playing with or without the Merge Rule. This rule allows hands to change, leading to a more controlled strategic and devious play.
  • Beautiful new artwork by Rusembell really brings the game to life and makes a small game have a big impression.

All this makes a quick, easy to learn game, with more choices and depth then first appears. And all of it in a game which easily fits into a pocket. Forks is a tiny footprint game you can take and play anywhere.

Forks 2nd Edition will be hitting Kickstarter in February- please sign up to get updates on when we launch here:

Rules available here: