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Die of the Dead

A Dia de Muertos themed dice rolling game for 2-5 players.

It's the Day of the Dead and players take the roles of friendly spirits guiding souls from Mictlán, the world of the dead, to the land of the living. The first player to guide souls up the 9 levels back to the land of the living is the winner.

To do this players will choose, maniplulate and roll caskets containing dice representing souls. They will have Candles, Incense, Marigolds and the Bread of the Dead to help them, but need to hope for a little luck.

Die of the Dead has beautiful Mexican art inspired by the tales and culture surrounding Dia de Muertos. Care has been taken to make the game as fun as possible whilst staying respectful to its roots.

The Xolo Expansion

It's Dia de Muertos, along with dawn the spirits of the dead come out to pay a visit to their loved ones, party and eat and drink once again all their favorite dishes. But these souls are many and excited, they pass through the world in a hurry and sometimes even forget where their homes are, how come they don’t get lost? Luckily the xoloitzcuintles are here! The bonds with man’s best friend are so strong that they surpass life and death, and these loyal dogs are ready to help the dead find their way back home. The Xolo Expansion introduces the xoloitzcuintle to Die of the Dead. These loyal dogs can be used to guide other players to caskets, encouraging them to pick ones which benefit you, for more dice manipulation options on the future. Featuring more ways to mainpulate dice and each other, tokens, casket boards and custom dice, The Xolo Expansion takes everything people love about Die of the Dead and makes more of it.

The Ofrenda Variant

It’s time to prepare your ofrenda, tonight is the Day of the Dead! Make your altar the most beautiful of all, decorate the borders with papel picado, shower it with marigold flowers and bring only the freshest bread, food and drink, so the souls of the deceased can rest and eat and drink, recovering their strengths in their long trip between the land of the dead and the living. As night falls and the moon rises, light the candles and incense, let your altar become a guiding beacon for the spirits going home.

The Ofrenda Variant takes the Die of the Dead dice, caskets and steps, and transforms them into a dice drafting game in which players attempt to make their altars the most appealing to their ancestors. Instead of putting dice in caskets players are drafting dice from caskets, to reprsent the bread, candles, incense and marigolds which will adorn their altars.

The Ofrenda Variant offers a puzzle based spin on Die of the Dead, for players who love the theme and beauty but prefer something less on the luck side of things. In order to enable more people to play Die of the Dead to celebrate Dia de Muertos this expansion also contains a solo mode, something only possible with the cerebral nature of this variant.

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