Announcing: Damask

Really excited to announce the next game to be published by Radical 8 Games will be Damask, a cube drafting, pattern creating game by Barbara Burfoot. Damask is a game for 1-4 players (yes, it includes a solo mode!), suitable for all the family, at around 15min per player.

I first saw Damask demoed to us at the UKGE Designer Event, in which hopeful designers pitch their ideas to a bunch of discerning publishers (although a lot more friendly than that possibly sounds). Barbara’s ‘Damask’ was a fantastic pitch, and immediately drew me in with it’s straightforward gameplay and attractive design. After some development work to make it even more thematic and get some really juicy choices from the mechanics, it’s now ready to be shown off, and then crowdfunded.

Damask Prototype

So if you’re interested in beautiful games, with plenty of clever choices stemming from a simple ruleset, please sign up to our mailing list for more information!


  1. christine lewis

    Played this today at geek retreat in York with my boyfriend and we both loved it looking forward to being able to buy it!

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