Damask Dev Diary 6- The Solo Mode

One of the core mechanics of Damask, the spinning wheel, isn’t just a nice component but also introduces a puzzle element to the game. Players can choose where to start and which direction to go but must stop when they have two cubes the same colour (and can only stop when they have two the same colour). This introduces some real choice into he multiplayer game- often it means choosing which surplus cubes to get, or how far to extend the turn, and so on. It’s open enough so players have the freedom of a genuine choice, but not too open that it leads to AP or meaningless choice.

Because of this puzzle element, it was natural to design a solo mode for the game. Not one which played the same game against an automated process, but one which took that puzzle element and spun it out to make an enjoyable solo game, whilst still keeping the same feel as the multiplayer game. The idea developed into one where the player is taking cubes from the wheel not just to satisfy their own Damask requirements, but also to think about what’s left, and how that will effect the game. We did introduce a second party to the solo mode, in this case the Weavers guild, but the player needed to help them as opposed to beat them. The weavers guild will always take a Damask, or cubes for a Damask, starting with the first cube it needs nearest to the arm. We’ve kept the rules for cube taking the same, so players can easily and quickly see what the Guild will take when planning their move. That means they’re planning for both moves to be the most efficient they can be- a real brain burner at times! To encourage the solo player to want to develop their own and the guild’s Damasks, the reward for completing the guild’s Damask is significant, and considering the lack of overstock interaction when compared to the main game, this really needs to be taken into account by skilled players.

If you like solo games we really hope you enjoy the solo mode of Damask, and have a fantastic time puzzling how to maximise the efficiency for you and the Weavers Guild. If you’re interested in Damask, and haven’t backed us, please check out our Gamefound page here: Gamefound Link

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