Die of the Dead Expansions: Dev Diary 1

Developer Diary 1

After Die of the Dead was successfully fulfilled in 2021, we had to think about what next. Ideally we would have reprinted it as soon as it sold out, but the shipping issues back then forced us to the point where we could afford another print run, we just couldn’t afford to ship it anywhere. Whilst we were glad not to pass the increased costs to our backers, it did mean we probably wouldn’t reprint until we could crowdfund again, and that this would mean an expansion.

In addition to this, whilst we had loads of positive feedback about the game, there were some players who wanted more control over the dice outcomes, and others still who wanted a solo mode. To that end we developed the Ofrenda Variant, designed to be a free PnP which didn’t require any additional components that couldn’t be printed. We got great feedback from this, but held off from crowdfunding a production copy for two reasons. First, we were focused on Damask, our silk weaving game, and secondly we wanted an expansion which actually expanded the base game. The Ofrenda Variant is wonderful, and increases the accessibility of Die of the Dead not just through the change in mechanics, but also by introducing the solo mode. But people who already loved Die of the Dead would be let down if the expansion was nothing of the sort.

Therefore we developed the Xolo Expansion. We wanted a cute new aspect of Dia de Muertos, and these hairless dogs were it. This expansion was developed to take the things people loved about the base game, and that people wanted more of, and turn them up even further. Absolutely an expansion, this adds and bring forward the games mechanics, without taking any of them away.

To help with both of these we ask Rusembell to do artwork for us again (and again she has done an outstanding job), and hired a cultural consultant, to help us get the most out of the Dia de Muertos theme whilst staying respectful. And as always I’ve learnt a lot more about Dia de Muertso. Both expansions will be talked about later in more detail, but for now please follow use here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/radical8games/die-of-the-dead-xolo-expansion-and-ofrenda-variant and share far and wide- especially with anybody you know who has been waiting for the reprint of this great game.

Cheers, Mark

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