Die of the Dead from Radical 8 Games

Die of the Dead is a Dia de Muertos themed dice rolling game for 2-5 players.

It’s the Day of the Dead and players take the roles of friendly spirits guiding souls from Mictlán, the world of the dead, to the land of the living. The first player to guide souls up the 9 levels back to the land of the living is the winner.

To do this players will choose, maniplulate and roll caskets containing dice representing souls. They will have Candles, Incense, Marigolds and the Bread of the Dead to help them, but need to hope for a little luck.

Die of the Dead has beautiful Mexican art inspired by the tales and culture surrounding Dia de Muertos. Care has been taken to make the game as fun as possible whilst staying respectful to its roots.

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  1. Do you have any copies of this we could buy and have shipped to the US? We just played this at a game library and loved it!

    • Hi Clint, we’re currently out of stock, but we will be launching our expansion plus reprinting the base game on Kickstarter very soon! I’ll post here with a link when that happens.

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