Die of the Dead Update- July

Hi everyone, hope you’re all well. And staying sane and hopefully even happy during lockdown.

Die of the Dead update- we have actually sent our first prototype copy out for a preview! Should have another one ready by tomorrow, and hopefully another arriving not too long after that. The issue is still the dice, although I’ve resigned myself to making everything else by hand (even after telling Martin that this is something I definitely won’t be doing, I actually enjoy it for small runs, no matter how time consuming it is), the dice have proven a challenge.

Here’s a photo of some of my prototype tools- a laser printer, card cutter for thin card jobs, and a new addition- a laser cutter for thicker card.

Ignore the mess!

Tried the laser cutter on some blank dice with the intention of engraving the pattern to fill in with watered down acrylic paint. Turns out the detail is far to intricate for such a thing:

Melted acryclic

So the current plan is to try stickered dice- hopefully this will be able to ably represent the aesthetics of the dice well. Then I’ve just got to make the boxes, but that’s where I shine.

Anyway, that’s enought prototype talk. Suffice to say, we should be able to get a few copies out to reviewers and previewers quickly. We are still aiming for a late August Kickstarter, but that does depend on the time-frame these previews can get done by. Without conventions making sure people can read about the game, watch videos of it in action, and see if it’s for them (it is) is absolutely vital. And given the complexity and intricacy of the components this is proving to be a bigger job than usual. Hopefully I’ll have more information on this by next week. Thanks for reading!

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