June Update

For once my lackadaisical approach to booking UKGE accomodation has actually come in useful, sadly. This weekend was of course supposed to be the UKGE, and with it Die of the Dead getting its second convention outing, to amaze thousands of people. Sad times. However, this isn’t a sad update, but a happy one! Or at least, an informative one.

The Games Crafter in the US is back and working, they’re one of the companies who have been making Die of the Dead prototypes, or at least part of them. Whilst shipping to the UK is expensive, at least it’s happening. Unfortunately the company which provides the other part of the prototype, the custom dice, is still not back, so we are still waiting on them before we can get prototypes out to people. That said, if anybody does know of a european company which will screenprint small quantities of dice, and are safely working, please let us know (similarly with laser cut cardstock)!

Finally we’re currently working on a virtual copy of the game. Obviously a lot of thought has gone into the tactility and presence of the components, which isn’t something that can come across online, but given the UKGE is going virtual this year we want to make sure we can be a part of that.

Thanks, and hope everyone’s hanging in there. Can’t believe this is the first UKGE I’m not attending since 2012! Mark

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