The Art of Forks 2nd Edition

Two weeks before our launch on Kickstarter, I thought it would be interesting to share how we decided upon the artwork for the 5 different locations in Forks, 2nd Edition. After we sold out of the first edition at the UKGE, I began talking to our artist Rusembell about a new theme, something with wider appeal that could be easily understood by families. She suggested art-deco art style, aiming for the old UK tourist posters, and we went for that with 5 distinct locations: a port, desert, wooded area, mountain town and city. Below you can see the evolution from sketches, through to full coloured cards.

The only change here was to change the mountain town and woodland area to be more distinctive

And finally, we wawnted to accentuate the colour in the mountain town to make the suit easily identifiable from afar, leading us to the red mountain backdrop below:

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