What is Radical 8 Games?

I’ve been designing games for a while now, as a hobby, a weirdly enjoyable and stressful hobby, and wanted to blog my experiences, processes and also detail what games I’ve been playing or have influenced me. This is for a couple of reasons, but I guess they’re all really fallout from one reason. I’ve had some great experiences with publishers, even ones who have rejected my games (can’t blame them in some cases), but I think I fancy giving it a go myself. Obviously this is sheer lunacy, why take on all the work, risk and even more work yourself? Because, in spite of everything, I think I’ll like it. I’m not the best at relinquishing control, and whilst publishing in the UK is better than a lot of other countries for accepting submissions, there’s still very few with long wait times. So this blog is a taster for me- do I actually enjoy the non-designing side of the boardgame industry, and a taster for everyone who reads it- If my game hits kickstarter, this blog should give a good idea of whether or not you’ll like the game, and/ or trust me as a person to get it to you.

Well, that’s the rambling intro. I intend to update this every fortnight of so, with details of my game, design decisions, games which I love (or have influenced me in other ways), probability theory- because that’s something I know I can actually do, and anything else that takes my fancy.

Until then, thanks for reading.


Radical 8 Games.

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