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About Forks

Morton’s Fork: A financial choice with two options, both of which will cost you. Forks is a quick fun card game about embezzling money for 2-4 players that takes about 30 minutes. Players are boardroom members, funnelling money into various … Continue reading

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Why this blog? (Fear of Failure)

This will be an introspective post, fair warning to any readers- although that’s my first question, why would people (you) read this? I know why I wanted to write it: I was thinking of self-publishing a game, and wanted to … Continue reading

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What is Radical 8 Games?

I’ve been designing games for a while now, as a hobby, a weirdly enjoyable and stressful hobby, and wanted to blog my experiences, processes and also detail what games I’ve been playing or have influenced me. This is for a … Continue reading

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Radical 8 Games is Mark Stockton-Pitt, boardgamer, maths-person, and Yorkshire’s 2015 7 Wonder tournament Champion. This blog is his thoughts on designing games.

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