Airecon 2020

In just over 1 week, the best convention in Yorkshire, and possibly the world, opens its doors. But in addition to the Denby Dale Beer Festival, Airecon is also on that weekend, so I’m going to that instead. Yes, I will be there from Friday evening until they kick us out on Sunday, demoing Die of the Dead. And if you visit Friday during the day you’ll get to meet the designer James Allen, as he kindly steps in where I am unable to. So please come along and say hi, play a game, or just shake a casket. We can’t promise freebies like stickers, but there will be sticker freebies, and that’s a promise.

In addition, whilst we’re not selling copies of Forks there (too busy demoing Die of the Dead), we will be giving out any copies pre-purchased from our online store. Just select ‘Pick up at Airecon’ and save on p&p.

And in the evenings, well, hopefully I will just be playing game after game after game on Blood on the Clocktower. Only ever getting executed when good, as is traditional.

Hope to see you there!

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