It’s been over a month since Airecon. It feels weird to write that, because it feels from a previous erg ago, and yet being housebound has made all the days roll into one. It’s been a month of getting used to working from home, remotely playing tabletop games, regular checking in with friends and family (online), and looking after a puppy (yes, we got a new puppy the day before lockdown).

This is Elsie

Back in March was Airecon, and it was a massive success. Thanks to everyone who played Die of the Dead, and thanks for the overwhelmingly positive response we got. We knew the game was special, but this confirmed it and then some. There was also a suprising number of people who wanted the spare DotD T-shirt (it is a beautiful game after all). With a superb weekend of demoing we were all ready to start ramping up the demo copies and prepare for the UKGE!

And then the world closed down.

Since then we postponed the launch until after the UKGE, and started to get our eggs in order, but clearly so much has changed since. The UKGE has been cancelled this year, and our prototype manufacturers are closed until further notice. These both present different problems to overcome- without prototypes we can’t get any reviews or previews. Without the UKGE we miss the best option to show off the game to the public -we can’t show off the incredibly well thought through components and stress the fun that comes from the tactility of the game, things which don’t come through as much in video walkthroughs.

We still want to get the Kickstarter done this year- the game is ready after all! Airecon has shown it’s something people enjoy playing, with beautiful components and a real table presence. So we’re going to be optimistic about this. Currently we’re waiting on the prototype manufacturers, but when we can get some prototypes made, however long that will be, we’ll be able to get them out to reviewers, prevewiers, and (according to circumstances) hopefully get them in front of some games clubs. We might not be able to get demos at the UKGE, but then neither will any games, so hopefully some good online buzz will have to make up for it (this is where I ask everyone who’s enoyed the game to casually constantly mention it to everyone they know).

So that’s a short summary of the plan. As always, we’re monitoring the situation, but we know we’ve got a special game, and we want to get it in people’s hands asap. (I’m also waiting to play my copy of Eclipse with the expansion I picked up at Airecon asap. These weeks are dragging.) Fingers crossed.

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